With a lifetime of experience, those born before 1945 can provide enormous insight into how the 28 Beliefs can be applied and challenged throughout a lifetime.  Using the same model as the Beyond Beliefs study for Millennial young adults, very soon the same opportunity to respond to every one of the Beliefs is now being offered to those born before 1945.

We would love to hear from you and find out what you like and dislike about each of the 28 Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  If you think they are important or not, or if they are relevant to you or not.  This is your opportunity to have your say with complete anonymity and without judgement or retribution.  

The purpose of this study is to investigate what older Seventh-day Adventists really think of the 28 Beliefs of their church and identify where this church organization is succeeding and where there may be room for improvement.  We also want to capture your wisdom and identify what was the secret to retaining your faith over a lifetime, the times of life when a person's faith is most vulnerable, if you are disappointed Jesus has not returned, who were the most spiritually influential people in your lives, and how you feel about a range of other social behavioral, and religious topics.

By participating in this study, you agree that you were born before 1945 and that these anonymous responses will have all identifying information removed, and be included in their entirity in a large dataset to be publically published and studied by researchers investigating issues related to the study.